Pre-need Form


This form does not obligate you to use our services, it is to help you to prepare you before that day comes when your beloved pet passes away.  It is simply information about you and your pet. Filling this out and submitting it will eliminate any paperwork needed to be completed before a cremation occurs.


Name of pet: _____________________                   


Type and size of pet: ____________________________________________________

Pet belongs to: (owner/family) __________________


Contact name: _________________


Contact phone number: ____________

E-mail address____________________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________

City: ___________________ State: _______ Zip: __________

Veterinarian information:

Name___________________Telephone Number__________________                    

Address / location to make removal _____________________________

Ever faithful would like to make a tribute in honor of your pet in a post on our Facebook page. You can submit photos:

Picture Given Via:     E-Mail Text Message     Scan

Special instructions: